Year 3 & 4 Homework


All homework will be uploaded onto this webpage each week. Please click to download the latest homework.

In addition to the homework sheets attached, we would also like children to practise:

Reading (Daily)
Every child has a reading book and reading record book and this is changed at least weekly. It is expected that children will read every night at home. Please sign your child's reading diary so that we know they are ready for a new book. It is important to support your child by asking them a range of questions and encouraging them to discuss the text with you. Some children are 'free readers' and read independently or to an adult, but we ask that a comment is made in the reading diary. We'd still ask that you check their understanding of the text through asking open ended questions (you don't need to have read the book first!) As teachers, we hear the children read once a week through Guided Reading sessions.

You can also access Bug Club which is an online resource to support reading at home and at school. The website is now called ActiveLearn. Each child has an individual login which will be inside their reading record. Please support your child by helping them find the answers to the 'bug point questions' by referring to the text.

Spelling Practice (set weekly, practise daily)
Spellings are set weekly (on Fridays) and link to the English lessons where they are taught the spelling rules in that week. Please ensure your child practises these at home using a variety of strategies. Children will be familiar with Look, Cover, Write, Check. Note the separate spellings for Year 3 and Year 4 children (see attachments). Children will be tested on these spellings the following Friday.

Mathematics (Weekly)
Practise times tables regularly, counting forwards and backwards and know facts to 12x. They are taught in the following order, 2x, 10x, 5x, 3x, 4x, 6x and then all others to 12 x 12. Children need to be able to answer random questions within 3 seconds. Children use the Times Tables ladders to help them progress through times tables. Children complete Times Tables Olympics programme each half term in school.

Every child has access to Mathletics which is an online resource to allow children to practise their mathematical skills. You can access the activities using the Mathletics app on PC/Mac, iOS, Android, Windows 10, Chromebooks.

Class teachers will set activities for the children to complete. We are able to monitor whether children have completed the tasks and the scores they have acheived. If they didn't score highly, we will intervene to ensure they have a good understanding. The task set is shown when you login.

If your child has difficulty in logging on, please ask the class teacher who is able to provide the correct login details and/or reset passwords.

Brain Builder Task (Fortnightly)
See details of this task below.