Sunflower Growing Competition


This is our Sunflower Growing Competition run in partnership between the Ivy Chimneys Gardening Clubs and Friends of Ivy Chimneys.

We are really excited about getting children interested in growing and what better way than to grow a sunflower? All you need is one of the growing kits which you can purchase from the school for £1 

In the kit you get everything you need. A pot to grow your sunflower, some compost, two seeds (sow both!) and some instructions.

Rebecca in Year 6 has produced a short video describing how to sow your sunflower seed:

All we need you to do is follow these instructions:

  1. Take the pot with compost in it, then poke your finger in the compost to make two holes for your sunflower seeds.
  2. Drop a sunflower seed into each hole. Cover it with a little compost which should be already be moist.
  3. Put the pot on a sunny windowsill.
  4. Your plant should pop up through the compost after about 1 or 2 weeks.
  5. Now start measuring how much it grows each week. You can record the progress your sunflower is making on the website. Each week, simply login to the blog and enter the growing height. You can also upload a photograph.
  6. When your plant grows too big for the pot, plant it in a bigger pot or plant it in a sunny spot outside.
  7. Your plant should flower after about 8 weeks.

The grower with the tallest sunflower will receive a prize!

Good luck and happy growing!

Gemma, Lisa and the children of the Gardening Clubs.

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